Keydo - FIDO U2F USB Security Key

Keydo (FIDO U2F) : Easy and secure strong authentication, provides simple & strong security on web & cloud

A wide range of benefits: 

• Easy to use and deploy (HID device: no driver required) 
• Full compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux 
• No security failure in case of key or password theft (Authentication requires both of them) 
• Private key storage based on smart card component( PKI / elliptic curves)
• Second factor authentication fully compliant with google services through Chrome browser.

- USB «plug’n play» secure second factor solution to simplify online identity management
- Fully compliant with FIDO U2F specification
- Identity keys are stored inside a smart card component  (EAL5+ common criteria certification)
- Easy to use (No software installation required)
- Strong metal casing
- Fully compatible with Google services
Keydo (FIDO U2F) : Easy and secure strong authentication